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Tell Everyone About Yourself

Time started:: 10:00
Basic About you:
Name:: Lia
Gender:: female
Height:: 5.4
Eye color:: blue
Hair Color:: blond
Age:: 17
Birthday:: 8/6/92
Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:: righty
Piercings:: no
Tatoos:: sometimes
Zodiac Sign::
Ring Size:: 9
Grade:: 12
More about you:
Are you named after anyone?: no
Do you live in the moment?: yes
Do you consider yourself tolerent to others?: yes
Do you have any secrets?: sure
Do you hate yourself?: ahm no.
Do you like your handwriting?: no
Do you have any bad habits?: yes
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: ahmm I hope.
Any regrets?: yea
Do you think life has been good so far?: hm yeah
Are you confident?: sometimes
How long does it take you to shower?: 22 min.
What color is your room?: idk, too many pictures on the wall.
Where do you want to attend college?: italy, berlin or bamberg.
Do you...?
Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: ahmm hah no
Drink?: yeah in europe
Go to church?: sure
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Take walks in the rain?: depending on my mood.
Talk to people even if you hate them?: yes
Drive?: sometimes
Believe in premarital sex?: hah
Want to get married?: yes
Want to go to college?: yes
Want to have children?: yeah
Sing in the shower?: yea
Get along with you parents?: hm most of the time
Get along with your sibling/s?: sometimes
Color/highlight your hair?: yeah
Like coffee?: yeah, starbucks white chocolate latte
Wear makeup everytime you go out?: yeah
Love roller coasters?: no, i hate that
Like to cook?: sure
Have you ever...?
Hurt yourself? : not on purpose
Been out of the country?: yeah, right now
Been in love?: yes.
Done drugs?: hah.
Gone skinny dipping?: no
Had surgery?: no
Played strip poker?: hah. no
Been on stage?: yes
Pulled an all nighter?: no
Gone one day without food?: yes
Slept all day?: yes, 21 hrs.
Kissed a stranger?: yes
Had a dream that came true?: yes
Broken the law?: hah i guess
Stolen anything?: ahm no
Been on radio/tv?: yes
Been in a mosh-pit?: no
Bungee jumped?: no, i hate that
Had a dream that kept coming back?: yes
Gone out of state?: yes
Live in other states?: yes
Eaten an entire box of oreos?: hah yeah
Had a movie marathon?: no
Spun until you were immensely dizzy?: yes
Been on a plane?: yes
Ran into a wall?: hah yeah
Been rejected by a crush?: oh yeah
Cried in public?: yeah
Cried over a movie?: yeah, brokeback mountain
Pranked called someone?: yeah when i was young
Gotten a cavity?: yes
Shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch?: always
Broken a bone?: yes, pinky
Fallen from a tree?: yes
Passed out?: oh yeah
Been to a theme park?: yeah but i didnt like it
Eaten sushi?: yeah, love it.
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:: diet coke
McDonalds or BUrger King:: mcd
Chocolate or Vanilla:: chocolate
Black or White:: black
Burgers or Hot dogs:: burger
Boxers or breifs:: boxer
Book or magazine:: magazine
TV or radio:: both
is the glass half empty or half full:: full
sun or moon:: sun
hot or cold:: hot
romantic comedy or thriller:: comedy
waffles or pancakes:: neither nor
Florida or california:: cali ♥
Black and white or color photos:: black white
The city, the beach, OR the country:: beach
Tennis shoes or sandals:: sandals
Sweet or sour:: sweet
Private or publie school:: private
Cappuccino or coffee:: white chocolate latte
English or history:: english
Science or math:: math
Do you believe ...?
in miracles?: ahm no
in magic?: no
in God?: sure
in Satan?: no
in ghosts?: no
in luck?: ya
in love at first sight?: oh yeah
in Santa?: no
in the Easter Bunny?: no
in witches?: no
that it's possible to remain faithful forever?: hm no
in wishing on shooting stars?: sure
that cussing is a necessity in life?: yeah
yourself?: sure
Love and all that -
Do you consider love a mistake?: sometimes
If someone you had no interest in had interest in dating you how would you: idk, depends
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them?: depends
What is worst about the opposite sex?: theyre unpredictable
Who and when was your first crush?: sven, when I was 13
First thing you notice about the opposite sex?: face
Right this moment...
What are you wearing?: jeans
What are you worried about?: finals
What book are you reading?: nick hornby, the new one
What time is it?: 10:15 pm
Are you bored?: yea
Are you tired?: definately
Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?: not right now
Are you lonely or content?: content
Are you listening to music, if so then what?: yeah, pearl jam
The Last...
Dream you had:: it was weird, people got robbed and stabbed Oo
Nightmare:: monkeys
Time you cried:: ahmm about 5 month ago
Movie you watched:: 4 christmasses and brokeback mountain
Movie you rented:: american dreamz
Book you read:: nick hornby
Word you said:: redemption song
Time you laughed:: a few hrs ago
Person to call you:: my sis alexa
CD you played:: DMB
Song you listened to:: redemption song
annoyance:: idk
IM sent or recieved:: bb
Time you yelled:: idk
Person you yelled at:: some sweed
time you were a skirt:: in a&f store
time you fought with your parents:: 5 month ago
Time you wished on a shooting star:: never
Thing you ate:: subways
Time you showered:: last nite
Nail polish color worn:: some chanel pink
Your favorite:
Type of gum:: sweet mint
Restaurant:: olive garden
Season:: summer
Type of weather:: sunny
Emotion:: love
Color:: pink
Perfume:: diesel fuel for life
Candy:: oreo
Pizza topping:: feta
Fruit:: pears
Veggie:: carrots
Type of cake:: no cake.
Magazine:: nylon
TV Show:: that 70s show
Day of the week:: thursday
Month:: july
Holiday:: summer
Number:: 17
Sport to watch:: soccer, tennis
Flower:: lotus
Time Finished:: 10:23

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